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HOUSE.KG is an online resource for the sale and rental of real estate in Kyrgyzstan.

Real estate is an integral part of our life: each of us dreams of acquiring a large beautiful apartment or house, and many are faced with the need for short-term or long-term lease. In addition, there are many people for whom real estate operations are their business or work. HOUSE.KG has a number of indispensable features that will help everyone:

- convenient and detailed map of Kyrgyzstan;

- detailed description of real estate;

- use of a single authorization system for house.kg, mashina.kg, and bazar.kg;

- an ability to add video reviews;

- search for property sold by installments, with the possibility of exchange and without intermediaries;

- up-to-date base of residential complexes;

HOUSE.KG - real estate in Kyrgyzstan online!

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Our office

Kyrgyz Republic 720004,
Bishkek, 27/1 Asanbay str.

Tel.: +996 (507) 22-33-22

email: info@house.kg

Our other projects

MASHINA.KG is one of the largest resources for the sale of used and new vehicles in Kyrgyzstan. Trying to help both buyers and sellers, we have developed a convenient and extensive resource in the form of an online message board and a mobile app for Android and iOS.

Our task is to provide buyers with as much information as possible to help them make the right choice. The site has the largest regularly updated database of private ads on the sale of vehicles.


- the greatest choice of vehicles in Kyrgyzstan;

- user-friendly interface and search which allows to find a suitable vehicle;

- free and convenient app for your telephone;

- detailed technical information, photos, prices for vehicles;

Sale and purchase of a vehicle becomes easier with MASHINA.KG!

BAZAR.KG - a modern online service for posting free ads on goods, services, vacancies and resumes from individuals and companies in Kyrgyzstan.

Convenient classification, intuitive and convenient form of submitting announcements, intelligent search, unlimited user audience, the ability to instantly call the seller or send a message on WhatsApp, freedom from geographical location, posting video reviews - these are just some of the advantages of the modern online market Bazar.kg that helps one people sell things that they no longer need, and others to buy valuable goods at affordable prices.

Everyone can find a thing or service that interests him.

We believe that people's lives can be made better by connecting them together for mutually beneficial transactions.

Bazar.kg - buy, sell, simple!